HNK Files Complaint Alleging that Garmin International, Inc. and Garmin Ltd. are Selling Known Defective Watchbands.

Heideman Nudelman & Kalik, P.C. files complaint alleging that Garmin International, Inc. and Garmin LLC have allegedly designed, manufactured and marketed the Garmin Forerunner 610 Watch with a watchband the company knows to be defective. The watchband of the Forerunner 610 uses a plastic watchband that is attached to the watch face with two metal pins. Garmin has marketed the Forerunner 610 watch as being rugged and to be used during intense physical activities such as high intensity aerobic training. Despite the marketing claims, the watchband’s defective design results in detachment of the band from the watch face, causing some consumers to either lose or damage their Forerunner 610 or to have to replace the watchband.

If your Garmin Forerunner 610 watchband has detached from the watch face and as a result you have either lost or damaged your watch or needed to obtain a replacement band, we would be interested in speaking with you as part of our investigation. Please contact Noel Nudelman or Tracy Kalik at attorneys@hnklaw.com or 202-463-1818 to discuss your experiences with the Forerunner 610 and possible remedies you may have as a result of the defective product.

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